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AJ Pastula - ACE Canyoneering

AJ Pastula

AJ Pastula

L1-L4 Instructor

Uber Adventures

To put it mildly, AJ has a passion for the outdoors.  Not only does he have more than 30 years of experience backpacking, skiing, cycling, scuba diving, skydiving, rafting and adventure racing,  but his adventures and training include the vertical roped sports of canyoneering, rock/ice climbing, mountaineering, caving, mountain rescue and cave rescue.  During the 10 years he has been canyoneering, he has descended more than 1,000 canyons around the world.  In addition to his recreational pursuits, he has also taught or helped teach survival skills, winter survival, rock climbing, adventure racing, ice climbing, caving, mountaineering, canyoneering, and is now partnering with Uber Adventures to teach in Boulder, CO.

  • ACE L1-L4 Instructor
  • Whitewater Rescue Tech (WWR)
  • Wilderness First Aid