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Jeremy Eng - ACE Canyoneering

Jeremy Eng

Jeremy Eng

L1 Instructor

Uber Adventures

Jeremy was born and raised in an area foreign to canyoneering, a village in the far-east, Columbia, Maryland.  He started following his love of the outdoors in 2001 and since then has spent most of his free time rock climbing.  At least it was that way until 2003 when Aaron Ralston showed us all the beauty of Utah slot canyons.  Jeremy saw these destinations and quickly sought out the sport of canyoneering.  Since then, with training from the ACA, Uber Adventures, AMGA, LNT, and REI, he continues to explore canyons and climbs throughout the southwest.  Jeremy is always excited to help spread the enjoyment of these addicting sports with others.

  • ACE L1 Instructor