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Continuity of training. Students can take L1 with one ACE Instructor, L2 or L3 with another ACE Instructor without worrying if they received ‘equal and valuable’ training from different providers at each level.

Being listed as an ACE Instructor will introduce your name to students seeking training and entitles you to the benefits of membership with ACE (i.e.: continuing education discounts, pro deals on gear … see ‘Membership‘).

Instructor candidates must submit a detailed course outline showing adherence to ACE Curriculum requirements, proof of insurance, any commercial use authorizations for course locations, a copy of company standard liability waiver, and a canyoneering resume showing:

  • Training (dates, courses, organizations, instructors)
  • Experience (primary leader of 15+ unique canyon descents with 6+ people each)
  • References (4 canyoneering professionals or peers)

ACE Instructors must agree to the following criteria and sign an agreement obligating them to adherence, if they want to take advantage of the ACE Instructor designation.

  • Teach the ACE curriculum, in its entirety, for a designated level.  Skills may be added to a course, as long as none of the ACE curriculum is sacrificed.  ACE reserves the right to randomly audit any course offered by an ACE Instructor to verify the curriculum requirements are being met.
  • Courses that don’t follow an ACE L1-L4 curriculum cannot be advertised as an ACE course and cannot be advertised as taught by an ACE Instructor.
  • After contractual acceptance as an ACE Instructor, ACE L4 Instructors can teach all levels; ACE L3 Instructors can teach L3 and lower; ACE L2 Instructors can teach L2-L1; ACE L1 Instructors can only teach L1.

All ACE Instructors must submit the paperwork for graduates of any ACE course and remit $25/student for registration and one year of membership. As this is a mandatory fee, it should be incorporated into the cost of courses, or offered as added value to students.

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