Benefits of Membership

What are the benefits of Sport (Recreational) Membership?

  • Calendar of worldwide canyoneering events (stage 1 rollout)
  • Yearly safety/training conference (stage 3 rollout)
  • ACEFest/Rendezvous (stage 3 rollout)
  • Online canyoneer profiles (training/experience/emergency contact) (stage 2 rollout)
  • Helmet stickers with ACE training designation (stage 1 rollout)
  • Flight Plans with vital rescuer info on canyons (stage 3 rollout)
  • Distinction badges/labels on profile (ACE L1-L2-L3-L4 Sport), indicating ACE training (stage 2 rollout)

What are the benefits of Professional Membership?

  • All the benefits associated with a Sport membership
  • Pro-deals (regularly pursuing new relationships)

Imlay Canyon Gear
Liberty Mountain
Outdoor Prolink

  • Professional curriculum review/assessment
  • Liability Insurance Purchase Group (level 4 rollout)
  • Evacuation Insurance group pricing (level 4 rollout)
  • Recognition, relevance, relationships
  • Business listings, Employer/Employment listings & assistance
  • Discounts on Continuing Education (regularly pursuing new relationships)  nb: no provider of continuing education training will honor discounts until they receive verification from ACE that you have earned the distinction of professional member (ACE L5 Certified Guide, or ACE Instructor).
I get Professional Discounts on
  • Wilderness First Aid Courses?
  • Rock Climbing Courses?
  • Mountaineering Courses?
  • Whitewater Guide School?
  • Crevasse Rescue Courses?
  • Swiftwater Rescue Courses?

15% off Wilderness First Responder Courses with Sierra Rescue. “We have over 28 years of experience as front country and wilderness EMTs, wild-land and structure fire fighters, river guides, climbing and mountaineering guides, instructors in outdoor leadership, members of search and rescue teams. With our diverse background and our 15 years of teaching experience we strive to offer you the best and most fun course for your time and money.”

20% off River Rescue Certification Course with Sierra Rescue and a special 1-hour evening presentation during the course to ACE students on Hydrology. “Sierra Rescue, also known as Rescue 3 West, is the regional training center for Rescue 3 Instructor Trainers and Instructors. Rescue 3 International is the largest certifying body of swiftwater rescue classes in the world.”

15% off any course or private instruction with Vertical Adventures rock climbing school. “Since 1983, Vertical Adventures rock climbing school has been Southern California’s rock climbing school leader, setting the standard of professionalism with our low student to instructor ratios, excellent safety record, and exceptional rock climbing guides.”

20% off technical training with Sierra Mountaineering International including Mountaineering, Backcountry Skiing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Snow Travel/Crevasse Rescue & Avalanche Rescue. “Sierra Mountaineering International was founded by Kurt Wedberg in the fall of 1995. We are specialists in all types of mountaineering guiding and instruction year round in the inspiring and beautiful Sierra Nevada. We invite you to come learn why hundreds of our clients repeatedly return to us for more new and exciting training in the Sierra!”

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Membership Pricing

1-2-3-4 Years of Free Sport Membership?

*One year free Sport membership with every ACE L1-L4 Course by any provider!  (this offer is not retroactive)

PROFESSIONAL-RenewL1-L4 Instructors | L5 Certified Guides$100

  • 3 Year Membership
  • PROfile Page
  • PRO Benefits

RECREATIONAL-RenewSport Levels 1-4$30

  • 3 Year Membership
  • Profile page
  • Full Access