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 The Association for Canyoneering Education is the only organization in America accommodating both the professional industry and the recreational community.
It is well-organized, modern & innovative. You’ve found us … now look around!

What we do

Our Mission

To set an American Standard to which professional canyon guides and instructors can be held; to provide a clear path to certification for professional canyon guides; to host professional canyon guide assessments; to establish standardized technical canyoneering curricula; and to develop relationships between land managers, guide services, and training providers.

“The Association for Canyoneering Education”

Why We Do It

ACE provides:

  • Certification for professional canyon guides
  • Standardized curricula for canyoneering instructors
  • Safety forums and tools for the canyoneering community

A BRIEF HISTORY:  The ACGA (American Canyon Guides Association) was formed following the dissolution of the ACA (American Canyoneering Association) in 2011. The ACGA was to become America’s first professional association for the industry of canyoneering. Five years later, its volunteer Board of Directors and limited membership have been unable to host the guide assessments for which it was created, and it, too, has dissolved. ACE is independently filling this void in Guide Certification, while also establishing a standard for continuity in education and supporting a vibrant community of recreational canyoneers.

Some of our Professional Members:
  • Klaus Gerhart
  • Vlad Steklac
  • Parker Simper
  • TJ Cottam
  • AJ Pastula
  • Jason Marvin
  • Daniel Elson
  • David Buckingham
  • Laura Dahl
  • Bill Westerhoff
  • Erin Jamroz
  • Collin Goebel
  • Jeremy Eng