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The Association for Canyoneering Education :: ACE is an organization fulfilling the needs of an industry, guided by the wants of a community, propelled by the passion of an individual.

A unified industry is greater than the sum of its parts.  This organization is a work-in-progress; an organization that will grow as needed and in ways driven by the demands and aspirations of the community.  We welcome your ideas; we value your involvement.


Though we are often hosting ACE Guide Assessments, evaluating instructors and curricula, teaching courses, building new relationships and nurturing existing relationships, we also understand how important it is for you to be able to communicate with us. Send us an e-mail; leave us a message. We will be in touch. We promise!


The only thing we enjoy more than descending canyons around the world, is being a part of a community that we helped build.  While our primary purpose is evaluating technical proficiency, we understand that without the support of professional and recreational canyoneers, our mission wouldn’t succeed.  Of course we care about skills, but we also care about the community, good business, and most importantly, we care about YOU!

Our Location

Address: 1887 Whitney Mesa Dr #1969, Henderson, NV 89014

Phone: (323) 493-0104

Email: guides@ACEcanyoneering.com

Get in touch

Whether you’re interests are seeking certification as a professional canyoneering guide, seeking employment in the outdoor industry, starting your own guide business or school, being part of a nurturing community, seeking recreational canyoneering partners, or if you’re looking for a way to contribute your expertise to the community … we can help. That’s what we do!

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